A business owner has the choice of working with a large or small office space, with many different options available.

The Location

The location has to be considered first; this will determine what options are available. A new development is where some of the suburbs are now beginning to form business districts, which can be appealing to a business owner.

The Large Office Space

In the beginning, many new business owners are intent on having as much office space as they feel the business can afford. This may perhaps not always be the right choice. Although depending on the length of the lease, a thought has to be given to the potential growth of the business, and whether this would create a demand for additional office space. A further concern is the competition that almost every company has to deal with.

What should undoubtedly not be forgotten either, is that top australian websites help to take on some of the burdens of brand building. This is something else that has to be thought of when considering the proper choice of location and size of office space.

Advantages of a Large Office Space

The advantages of working with a large office space are:

  • It allows for more space for employees and management
  • It allows for future business growth
  • Department segregation is easier to plan for
  • More space is available for meeting and boardrooms

Disadvantages of Large Office Space

  • Additional space may never be required for the future
  • Extra space tends to get wasted
  • Space that is not in use is not generating income potential

The Small Business Space

There really is nothing wrong with considering the small business space. Some new business owners feel that they are being pushed into this option because of the price. But, they should look at this as having some benefits to it, that may suit the company best in the beginning.

Advantages of Small Office Space

  • Biggest advantage is that it costs less
  • Space will be used more efficiently
  • No concerns as to whether too much space has been rented that may not be necessary for the beginning

Disadvantages of Small Office Space

  • There are limitations right from the start
  • Staff may feel like they are being cramped